Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year Flies By!

It's been such a great year, well the first 6 months being pregnant sucked other than a few camping trips we willl just skip that and then we had Azzie. She is so much fun to have around. Everyone thinks I am crazy to have another one and start over since my youngest is 7 but going from working M-F full time to having 3 kids and working 2 days a week is so much easier. I now actually have time to blog and do things I never could.

Kaden's goal is to start tackle football this year, Carli is now enrolling in a dance class, and I got a gym membership so we have a lot more time. For all my friends and sister who have kids running around everywhere that are driving you nuts, one day they grow up and go to school all day come home just to eat and clean there room and then there off to go play with there friends. It does get easier.

We also had a great Christmas. Lots of family parties and get togethers. The two older kids are spoiled especially with 4 grandparents and 3 great-grandmas. I don't think I have seen Kaden much since we got the Wii. He comes upstairs from time to time to eat! We have had a great time boxing eachother, bowling, playing Madden and gutair hero.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and also a safe and Happy New Year!
And for my sister who lives in 85 degree weather all year, I hate you! After being snowed in for three days (since I live on a cul-de-sac in West Jordan and drive a small car) We had about 22 inches of snowfall on Christmas and the day after. We had a great time sledding making snow angels. It defenitely was a white Christmas.
So I am really bummed about Denver losing the last three games, and for San Diego winning their last three games therefor we did not make the playoffs. I hate the Chargers. I love football and am excited for the playoffs to start. So since Denver is out, go Giants! I like Eli Manning.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Holidays are here!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am excited to spend time with the family as I have holiday parties on Saturday, Monday, Tue, Wed night and Thursday. It will be great to see people I haven't seen since last Christmas. Every year we get together at my Aunt Raylenes in Midvale and have soup bowls and do white elephant gifts. I have not missed one in 30 years!

We all enjoyed the snowstorm yesterday. Kaden was building forts and having snowball fights, Carli was out sledding and me and Azzie were cuddled by the fireplace watching them have a good time! Here is also the video of my pictures from the Broncos game that was aired on the Jay Cutler Live show. Kaden was so excited that the QB of the Broncos loved his hair!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Big Game in Denver!

Sorry All but my computer broke and I was without internet for two months, but thankfully Santa came early and got me a new computer today! I know a lot of you wanted to see our Denver trip. The first weekend we went to see the Broncos in Miami. We had a blast. We drove down Saturday and got there early so we could check in to our hotel and go swimming for a few. Then the next day was the game. Even though they lost we still had a great time. Here are some pictures.

We got there plenty early!
Yes, I got this close to Jay Cutler #6 For those that aren't Broncos fan he is the QB and he is hot!
Go Broncos!
We snuck down to the front as the team was coming on and got to see Dre Bly, and Brandon Marshall. Kaden's favorite Champ Bailey was hurt so he is the only one we missed.
The next day, we toured the US Mint, went to the Broncos store and bought some souveniers and then drove to Steamboat, Co then went home the next day. Short trip but defenitely worth it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just having fun

So it has been a while since my last blog. I have been busy taking care of a two month old. For labor day we went up in the mountains near heber called currant creek and rode 4 wheelers and grandpa brought the horses. We had a great time until it rained and we had to come home one day early. The kids are loving school and I love the time to just hang out with azlyn until 3:30.

Today I bought her first new toy. I loved watching her kick and it plays songs. It has been a while since I had toddler toys around the house. Then Carli came home from school and we had fun singing and playing with all of her toys.

Here is just a picture that Kaden made me take. He loves his dog!

We love watching football and are routing for BYU and the Denver Broncos who have won all their games so far! I go back to work on Sunday so I am bummed but its only two days a week. I hope I can manage.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

NFL has begun!

So we are so excited that it is football season again! We are huge fans of a lot of teams but Trevor and Kaden are Broncos fans, and I am a 49ers fan. I was shopping at target and found the cutest outfit for Azlyn. It was a 0-3 month Bronco cheerleader outfit. Then I got home and started browsing the internet and got Trevor to buy our first NFL tickets. So we are headed to see the Denver vs Miami game on 11/2. We are so excited! I wrapped the tickets and Kaden and Carli's jerseys in a box and had them open it the next morning. The neighbors could probably hear Kaden! We can't wait! Go Broncs!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a busy week!

What a week. First my sisters Shanna, Kali, and Emily came in to town, which is great because I don't see them very much since they live out of state. Then we all met up and went whitewater rafting down the Payette river in Idaho. It was a blast! We took turns watching the babies. Kaden and Carli had a blast and neither of them fell out this year.

Then on Sunday we blessed Azlyn and my sister Kali & husband Levi blessed their daughter Tanna. They were the cutest cousins ever. I love my family and cherish the moments I spend since It doesn't happen often enough.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More pictures of Azlyn

Here are some more pictures

My first real bath
I am sooooo cute
My big sis loves me

Baby Azlyn & Happy Birthday to all!

It's been a busy few weeks. Azlyn Dawn Jensen was born on 6/26/08. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 21 inches long. She is a doll.

Then we had Kaden birthday party on 6/28, Carli's birthday was July 5th, and then yes I turned 30 on 7/7. It has been fun staying at home. I am more busy now then when I had a full time job. Between swimming lessons, scouts, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of a new baby I barely have time to turn on the TV. I wouldn't change it for the world I love having a new baby and hanging out with Kaden & Carli all day!