Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a great thanksgiving this year. Wednesday night the girls made banana cream, coconut cream, pumpkin, apple pies and a pumpkin roll. Thursday I woke up and ran outside to grab the paper and read through all the adds, then made a salad and rolls. We went to Trevor's parents house for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Then we made it over to my Aunts house to say hi to all of my extended family. My family is what I am most thankful for!
Just a quiet Thanksgiving morning with only one kid this year
About 10pm I hopped over to walmart and already the carts were all gone, luckily I found one in the parking lot. Ran around the store trying to get everything. I was the 3rd person too check out and got the heck out of there by 12:15 and went to bed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Final Game

Thank goodness football is over because it is cold! Kaden's final game was a blast. Trevor was sweet and stayed home with Azzie so she wouldn't freeze and me and my dad went down to Kadens Border Warz tournament. He was so excited to play at Real Stadium even in the snow. They won 21-6 and it was a great end to a great season.
I am thankful for football. It is not only a game but it gets the whole family excited and together. My passion comes from my dad. He used to take me to BYU games back in the 90's and I have been a fan ever since. Its real fun to have my dad around and have a kid that is almost more excited than me. I am just glad I get to be a fan and not have to play in the snow.