Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Fun

Since the kids had a few days off of school we went to pick pumpkins at
Black Island Farms

Austin loved the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch.
Azzie found her a perfect pumpkin! 
 Kaden was too cool to go pick pumpkins, and opted fro nightmare on 13th.  
Pretty funny that he looks more scared than the girls!

Denver vs Oakland

We had a quick get a way to Denver to go see the Broncos play the Raiders.
This time we didn't take the kids.  It was nice.

Watching Payton Manning play for my team was worth it.
Before the game we watched a few of the players walk into the stadium.  
Here is #24 Champ Bailey
 We got there plenty early and walked down to the front row.
 and yes, I got this close to Mr Manning himself!  
I didn't realize he was so big.  He is 6ft 5 and 230 pounds.
 A lot of the players were signing autographs.  Here is wide receiver Eric Decker
 It was an awesome game.
 We took down the Raiders, won, and had a great time.
Broncos fans 4 life!