Friday, May 15, 2015

Our last day

We saved the best for the last day.
 First we rented canoes and paddeled up Blue Springs and 
the St Johns river.  We saw turtles, alligators, birds, and lots of fish.  
Gar, catfish, and bass.

 We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the springs.
Its the best natural lazy river in the world.

Day 7

 Best Mother's Day Ever!
 We started the day driving from Hilton Head back to Florida and
stopped one more time to hang out at the beach.

 We were having fun until a shark showed up!

 Then we drove to what is now one of my favorite place in the world.
Blue Springs State Park.

We rented a really cute cabin and started a fire to grill dinner
 and finished the night with playing cards and eating Key Lime Pie.

Day 6

We went out fishing aboard the drifter.

 The bait (eel)

 No one was catching anythong so we moved as people started catching hammer head sharks.

 We saw some dolphins and fed the some of our bait.
 We visited the Coastal Discovery Musuem
 We still hadn't seen a gator so we headed to the Sea Pines Preserve
 We finally found some gators!
 We visited the Hilton Head lighthouse and walked around Harbortown.
 And one last night visiting the beach and riding bikes until the sun set.

Day 5

We took a guided kayak tour in Hilton Head.

 We saw dolphins, and oysters. Lots of fun to be out on the water.
We learned lots about the tides.

 Later that day we rented bikes and rode around the island.
They have amazing trails, and you can ride your bike on the beach!

 Shelter Cove Marina