Friday, September 24, 2010

Boy or Girl????

So the big ultrasound is on Wednesday! Hopefully everything goes well and all we want is a healthy, happy baby. Here is my thoughts:

Girl: I think it will be a girl. I already have all girl stuff, her name is already picked out, Azzie and Carli want a sister, and Azzie has to share a room and I really want to do a pink and brown cowgirl room.

Boy: I would be totally shocked if its a boy! I don't have anything, no names picked out, have to repaint my pink room, but it would be fun to have another one since its been a while. Kaden wants a boy and it would be nice to have one of our kids pass on the Jensen name. Also Bart (trevors dad) really wants it to be a boy.

Either way I don't care but am excited to find out.

What do you guys think? Well see if you guys are right. Right now my poll is 50/50.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The first games!

Football registration 225, cleats 40, gloves 17, fundraisers 100, seeing this smile after a great play, PRICELESS!

After all the hard work and hours of practice, the big game. We had to rush Kaden from a wedding up in Big Cottonwood Canyon to Grantsville in a hurry but we made it on time. I'm glad to because it was a great game. The game ended up being a tie and then we lost in overtime but it was a good tough game.

Then the second game was against West Jordan. Good rival team since we live in West Jordan. We won 24-0! Kaden had a fumble recovery, and some great tackles but the below picture was a great hard hit. K Town Cougar Pride!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trevor the Roper

Last year Trevor was into Team Penning (where you try to get a bunch of cows into a pen on a horse). This year his new thing is team roping.

He is the header the first horse who ropes the calf's horns, then the second horse the healer ropes the hind leg. His horse got special training. Trevor loves it.

He goes to Erda every Tuesday night with his brother and dad. This week it wasn't so hot so we joined him and had a lot of fun. While were not ropers it still is fun to ride the horses around and Azzie is getting to be quite a good rider already at two.
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