Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meeting David Osmond!

I had the opportunity to go to the David Osmond concert with my mom. He was awesome! It was at a small theater in Orem. It was a small venue and we got awesome seats. I actually took these pictures myself and promise I didn't steal them off google. He has such a great voice and I love his music.
After finding out I was diagnosed with a disease that causes stillbirth and pre-term labor, I cried and prayed, and cried and prayed. I thought if my baby was in the NICU and I wasn't able to see him, I wanted to have good music to listen too so it would keep me occupied. I also prayed for the strength to get through this challenge. I begged heavenly father to give me the chance to be his mother. I went to and listened to a sample of his music. I miraculously stumbled upon the song The Loneliest Walk. It's about a mom having to leave her son in the NICU and how long and hard the walk is from her baby to her car. It then relates how Christ ultimately had a long walk and sacrificed everything for us. We are never alone in our trials. He is always there with us. It was an answer to my prayer and through this whole experience I have always felt that he was right by my side helping me along.

After the show I got to get his autograph and tell him thanks. The song came from a buddy that co-writes some of his music and his boy was in the NICU. It was such an awesome night that I will never forget.
Enjoy, but much better live!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Riverton Hospital - Protecting Your Kids from RSV - Dr. Nicole Langston ...

This is a clip from Fox 13. Dr Langston is the best.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home again! This time for good

Lets try this one more time. This time we left Riverton Children's unit. Thank you to the Pediatricians, Nurses, Techs, Respiratory Therapists, Dietitians, Social Workers, and all the volunteers for taking such good care of us. Also my dear friend Kim. Sorry you were there but your a great neighbor whether at home or at the hospital.
After 1 night at primary childrens hospital and 9 nights at Riverton, I'm ready. No more poking and proding, no more alarms, no more nurses, no more cots.
And last but not least. Thanks so much to Dr Langston what can I say, she is the best!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things are starting to look up

Had a rough morning. A not-so-nice nurse and major issues with the ex were on my mind. I got to bed at 3:30 in the morning. I either was going to check my self into the loony bin or go to church. I chose the later. So glad I did. In sacrament they talked about happiness in your circumstances. I really needed it, also in Relief Society it was about service. One thing I learned: President Hinckley said, "It seems to me that [the Savior] is saying to each of us that unless we lose ourselves in the service of others our lives are largely lived to no real purpose...He who lives and dies, while he who forgets himself in the service of others grows and blossoms in this life and in eternity. I can't wait for the chance to give back.
Austin is getting better. They finally mentioned the word "going home" hopefully on Monday or Tuesday. Also wanted to share some pictures from Saturday. I got a little break from the hospital(thanks for watching Austin mom) to take Azzie to the barns to ride her horse.
I even got a quick ride.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Here

I was great about blogging in the NICU. It's been harder this time because I only like to remember the positive things in my life. Everyone has enough going on and who wants to hear the drama. RSV is not something fun to write about. IT SUCKS. The terms collapsed lung, spinal tap, meningitis, pneumonia, asthma, have all been used to explain things. What started out as "Oh, you be here for 8 hours" then turned to a night and now I have been here for over a week.

I tell everyone that I have taken residence in Riverton and I have a studio suite. Austin is doing better but this isn't a get better fast sickness. Cold virus take along time to recover from and it really effects preemies. I have had so much help AGAIN!!! from my friends and family. My dearest husband who funny enough is a great stay at home dad. He did loads of laundry, watched Azlyn, went to the grocery store, and even took azzie on a little shopping spree. Also my moms for helping watch Austin so I can get a break, my sister for keeping me sane and my dear friends who came by the hospital for a visit. It means a lot.

Once again, thanks everyone for your concern and I appreciate all the sweet facebook and blog comments. I love you all and we hope to be home soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RSV Battle

Oh how life can change in an instant! We were doing awesome just getting back to normal life and then bam! Back at the hospital all over again. Azzie was sick a week or two ago but just had a runny nose and mild cough no biggy, Friday Austin got a mild cough so I though just to be safe and took him to instacare. They tested him for RSV and it came back positive. Because of his NICU history and he is a preemie, we were told to go to Primary Children's hospital Er. I got there at midnight and they took us to an ER room. The ER bed is a little large for him!
He looked good but then they admitted us to a hospital room for observation. He had a cough but everything looked good and the next day around noon they sent us home. It was a long night with two kids per hospital room, one lousy cot, crying kids, a different hospital, beeping monitors, and being nervous. I got NO sleep.
Around noon we went home. Later that night he sounded congested and looked like he was working hard to breathe so we went to Riverton hospital ER and they have a bronchial clinic. They suctioned him and said still looked fine and sent us home. I had now been up for 31 hours. I got home very late and went to sleep for the night. Austin slept well. That morning he was blue and sounded horribly congested so I hurried back to Riverton Er. His oxygen stats were very low 84, so they admitted us up to a room. First we were supposed to be here for a few hours, then a night, then a few nights and now 5 days later we are still struggling to get home. He is working hard to breathe and eat all at the same time. Hoping he gets better soon. Love you buddy and you are a fighter!

I got a great view. Very pretty sunrises.
Azlyn loves to visit her brother. They have an awesome playroom, free chocolate milk, Disney princess movies, and an Xbox 360 in every room.